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Fri Feb 19 17:19:22 UTC 1999

NG>  There is Mt. Kailas in 'Saivaite mythology and mysticism;
NG>  This mythical Mt. Kailas, abode of 'Siva, is based on
NG>  a REAL Mount Kailas in the Himalaya mountains.

NG>  There is Mt. Potalaka in Buddhist mythology and mysticism;
NG>  This mythical Mt. Potalaka, abode of Avalokitezvara, is based on
NG>  a REAL Mount Potiyil/Potikai/Potiyam in the Malaya mountains.

D. V. Narayana Sarma wrote:
This has been your assertion. By simply repeating it
a number of times it does not get established. I feel that
the evidence so far presented for the above assertion
is not sufficient. You have been asking everybody for
inscriptions, dates etc. Why don't you sit down and do a bit of
stock-taking. On one side you write down what are the things
that are required to identify Malaya as Potala/Potalaka.
On the other side whether you have the evidence to convince
others with that.

  Unfortunately, your views/opinions are opposite of facts presented.
  "Identifying Malaya as Potala/Potalaka" was not done for the first
  time by anybody here in Indology list.

  It was done in SEVENTH CENTURY by Xuan Zang and Chih Sheng,
  two famous Buddhist monks of China. It was repeated in
  early 20th century by N. De, N. Dutt and K. A. N. Sastri.

  V. Iyer

  Just curious:
  Have you done your homework to identify Potala(ka) as
  Tirupati or Nagarjunakonda or Ceylon or Amaravati?

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