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Narayan S. Raja raja at IFA.HAWAII.EDU
Fri Feb 19 17:41:12 UTC 1999

On Fri, 19 Feb 1999, N. Ganesan wrote:

>  [...deleted...]  Xuan Zang
>  (or someone about his time) and Chih-sheng (688-740 AD)
>  also call Mt. Potikai as Mt. Pu-ta-lo-chia.

Correction: they refer to some place
as Mt. Pu-ta-lo-chia.  Is that place
definitely Mt. Potikai?  You say so.
But it's not obvious to everyone.

>  This was
>  confirmed to me by Prof. Chun-fang Yu, a scholar on
>  Potalaka cult.

Are you saying that this professor affirmed
that Mt. Potikai == Mt. Pu-ta-lo-chia?
Exactly what did she/he say?



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