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>I am just curious. Is your point only and exactly to prove that what
>is today called in South India Mt. Potikai/Potityil was at certain
>point of time called by certain people Mt. Potalaka? (By what
>people and at what time? Is the point of this argument to prove that
>Avalokiteshvara resided at a given time in what is in these days
>called Mt. Potikai?)

 Yes. Well, sort of.

 But, not only today, in Tamil texts, it has been called
 Mt. Potikai/Potiyil for atleast 2000 years. Xuan Zang
 (or someone about his time) and Chih-sheng (688-740 AD)
 also call Mt. Potikai as Mt. Pu-ta-lo-chia. This was
 confirmed to me by Prof. Chun-fang Yu, a scholar on
 Potalaka cult.

 In your readings of Chinese translations of Mahayana works,
 please inform us if you come across
 any more of Mt. Potalaka locatings. Tell me if it is in
 Malaya country or mountains from Chinese sources.
 We already have Hsuan Tsang and Chih Sheng.

 A. C. Soper, L. Chandra, J. Fontein, authorities on early Chinese
 buddhism, have written that GaNDavyUha's one
 kalyANa mitra site is Mt. Potalaka where Avalokitezvara
 resides. After meeting Avalokitezvara at Mt. Potalaka,
 Sudhana goes onto meet Siva Mahadeva next. I take from
 Soper, Chandra, Fontein that this Gv data is in Chinese

 N. Ganesan

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