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Dear Colleagues
In fact when I see the claims about the antiquity of some texts in
their entirety, I have to mention the case of the pre-Han Chinese
manuscripts from 3rd and 4th cent BC. These 2000 and more
years old manuscripts often on silk have ussualy counterparts in
the received versions. In the course of times they were often made
into the stone and yet they are in many parts different from what
we have in their received versions. Although China was even more
united then India with single script and single official language, we
still can see some major differencies even in the case of such
honoured documents as ZhouYi, which was found recently in the
silk manuscript from 2nd cent. BC in MaWangDui.

I am really wonder if texts steming from the 2nd cent. A.D. such as
GV are remaining same even in their exact wording up to now
through numerous rewriting before the invention of printing
(especially while there were probably many versions due to the
difficoulty of communication in the early times).


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