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>I am really wonder if texts steming from the 2nd cent. A.D. such as
>GV are remaining same even in their exact wording up to now
>through numerous rewriting before the invention of printing
>(especially while there were probably many versions due to the
>difficoulty of communication in the early times).

I am using the Avalokitezvara and his abode, Mt. Potalaka data
from Jan Fontein, The pilgrimage of Sudhana, A study of
GaNDavyUha illustrations in China, Japan and Java,
Mouton & Co., 1967

Fontein has done substantial work on Gv. text and its Chinese

For example, he discusses Gv translations into
Chinese by:
1) LokakSema or LokarakSa (168-188 AD)
2) Sheng-chien (around 373-395 AD)
3) Buddhabhadra (418-421 AD)
4) DivAkara (680 AD)
5) zikSAnanda (699 AD)

Pl. refer his book for GaNDavyUha sUtra.

N. Ganesan

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