Kashmir, Tamilnadu, Panini, Abhinavagupta, etc.

Petr Mares erpet at COMP.CZ
Wed Feb 17 20:39:44 UTC 1999

> comparison of the fairly early Chinese transl . (3rd cent. I recall?) may
> help, of course.

That is what I meant - the Chinese translations, but in their early
manuscripts as they will often differ from the received Chinese
versions in various details. There is huge number of Chinese
Buddhist translations from the 4th and 5th cent. that are in
manuscripts from 7th and 8th  cent. very well preserved and
complete until now due to dry climate of Xinjiang. These are the
scrolls one have to look at for some detail information - as the
name of the place or person - as it will often change in the course
of rewriting in hot and humid climates


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