Reference check on line of Bhagavad Gita. Variation or errata

Roland Steiner Steiner at MAILER.UNI-MARBURG.DE
Tue Feb 16 10:31:27 UTC 1999

On 16 Feb 99, at 3:55, Harry Spier wrote:
> In Van Buitenen's book the last line of verse 28 is (I'm
> transliterating in HK convention):
> dRSTvemAn svajanAn kRSNa yuyutsUn samavasthitAn ||
> [...]
> Does anyone know if the line in Van Buitenen's book is an accurate
> rendition of the BORI critical edition? Is this a genuine variation
> or errata?

The line is identical with the wording adopted by Bevalkar in his
critical edition of 1947. In his critical apparatus he gives the
following variant readings:
dRSTvemAn : dRSTvemaM : dRSTvaitaan : dRSTvA saM- (sic) :
dRSTvaivaM; svajanAn : sujanAn : svajanaM; yuyutsUn : yuyutsuM
: yuddhAya; samavasthitAn : samupasthitaM : samavasthitaM :

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