SV: Our Nationhood Defined/Bunch of thoughts

Partha Banerjee partha at CAPITAL.NET
Thu Feb 11 20:51:10 UTC 1999

>> We or Our Nationhood Defined is a pamphlet and could be easily scanned to
>> convert electronically. Bunch of Thoughts is a large book and can't be done
>> so easily.
>> Hard copies are available here in case someone wants to do it.
>> -Partha Banerjee
>Dear Partha Banerjee,
>where exactly is "here"?
>Lars Martin Fosse

I was refering to libraries in USA and personal collections. Also, Forum of
Indian Leftists (FOIL), an organization in USA collected copies of "We or
Our..." and "Bunch of...". Their website is where "We..." was
supposed to be put up some time ago. I didn't check recently if it went up.

On a related note, the first (and probably the only?) edition of "We or
Our..." does have the word "We" in the title. This pamphlet was withdrawn
by the Sangh Parivar when the racist language in "We..." faced massive

Later, "We..." was replaced by a relatively moderate "Bunch of..." to be
the Sangh Parivar "Bible".

-Partha Banerjee

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