Mount Potalaka in Malaya mountains - forgeries

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Dear Mr. Ganesan

I will try to check about the forgery but first I would like to make sure we are
talking about the same title. I do not know any of the Western translations, so I
would just like to know whether the XuanZangs geography you mention and you
are interested in translated by Beal and Waters is the Da4tang2 xi1yu4ji4,
Taisho 2487 written by Bian4 Ji1 <color><param>0100,0100,0100</param><FontFamily><param>Times New Roman</param><bigger>{HYPERLINK "../aut/aut00842.htm"}in Tang Dynasty in twelve fasciculy (which is
the only reliable source of information about India in relation to Xuan Zang
that I know about). However only its first 10 fasciculi which never mentions
South India. If this is the book you are interested I will try to find out more
about the forgeries or additions.


Petr Mares

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<color><param>7F00,0000,0000</param>> Mr. Petr Mares writes:

> >The whole chapter  in Xi Yu Ji, where Xuan Zang describes the

> >Malaya Mountain is considered later forgery by all Chinese

> >commentators I have seen .



> I have a question and since I do not read Chinese, hope

> some Sinologists can answer.


> What century Malaya Mountain chapter in Xi Yu Ji ascribed to?


> >From 10th century and later, Chinese texts and paintings portray

> Mount Potalaka as though it is in an island. This is despite

> the fact that the two earliest Chinese translations of the

> GaNDavyUha sUtra never mention Mount Potalaka in an island!

> (cf. A. C. Soper, Literary evidence for early Buddhist art

> in China). Also, from the preceding kalyanamitra location,

> Sudhana travels by horse carriage to Mt. Potalaka in

> Borobudur basreliefs. This is surprising because no boats

> are depicted to Mt. Potalaka in Borobudur! Note that

> Borobudur sculptors are skillful in depicting sea vessels

> elsewhere.


> So, my question is:

> Does the Chinese commentators consider the chapter

> where Malaya Mountain and Mt. Potalaka occur as a later

> day "forgery" because at the time of commentators there

> is a well established Chinese tradition to take

> Mt. Potalaka in an island? Even though their earlier

> tradition puts it in South India.


> Regards

> N. Ganesan



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