Mount Potalaka in Malaya mountains - forgery

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Dear Mr. Ganesan
Why I was asking the last question was, there are many books with similiarly
pronounced title written hundreds years later in Ming Dynasty, which are
more like fairy tales containing no facts but stories. They are called Xi1
You2 Ji4. You2 in this case mean travel or roam and they are realy in the
form of travelogue. While Yu4 in the original geography means region, and
the book in no way reminds story, it is more like a dictionary. If the
translation of Bael looks more like a dictionary than it is the original
geography (xi1yu4ji4) written by Bian4 Ji1 in Tang Dynasty. Anyways I will
try to find out more about the dates of the 10th and 12th fasciculy of this

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