Brahman origin myths

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In fact, the title 'Prathama Sakha' is normally applied to Kanvas, not the
Madhyanadinas.  However, such designations are not static and change
depending on the prevelance of various Sakhas at that time. It is possible
that most of the texts which give this designation to the Kanvas are of
Southern Provenance (although the Kanvas were earlier prevelant in the North
in areas like Himachal Pradesh, Bengal, Nepal etc. as well--now only
Madhyanadinas are found).

I have seen this term being applied to the Sakalas (among Rigvedins) and
also to the Kathakas and Taittiriyas. The latter even hold that they follow
the 'Adya Yajurveda', and similar claims are made by the
Maitrayaniyas/Charakas and Madhyandinas as well sometimes. N Indian Vaidiks
are of the firm opinion that of the 2 Samhitas (Madhyandina and Kanva), it
is the Madhyandina which is closest (or even identical) to the archetype
Vajasneyi Samhita.

I refer you to the book 'Yogeeswara Yajnavalkya' by E. R. Krishnamurty
(Madras, 1984) for more details on the claims of Kanvas.



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The same story about prathamashakhi brahmins holds good
in maharashtra, karnataka and tamil nad too. While it is applied to
brahmins of the shukla yajur school, I am not sure whether it applies
to both the kanva and madhyandina sub schools. Atleast in Maharashtra,
there exist followers of both the schools. Whereas in the southern
states, only followers of the kanviya shakha exist. (If the meaning of
prathamashakhi is taken literally then it should apply to the
madhyandina school, since madhyandina is supposed to be the
first/foremost disciple of sage yagnavalkya ?)


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