pANi as style/school

N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Aug 20 14:57:19 UTC 1999

  Among the traditional schools of BharatanATyam, pANi
is used as style/school. Eg., pantaNainallUr pANi where
Mrinalini Sarabhai got her training.

Does pANi as a style/school of dance occurs in Natyashastra
or elsewhere? Is it one of the DasarUpakas?
Heard that pANi as "hand" does not have IE origins,
despite long attempts to show that way.

Could these "pANi" be related to tamil "paN-" (to do)?

N. Ganesan

Cologne Sanskrit lexicon

  Entry   pANi
  Meaning 2 m. (said to be fr. %{paN}) the hand RV. &c. &c. (often
          ifc. = holding in the hñhand e.g. %{asi-p-} , holding a
          sword in the  sñsword in hñhand ; %{pANiM-grah} or
          %{-Nau-kR} , to take the  hñhand of a bride , marry ;
          %{-niMdA} , to give the hñhand in marriage) ; a hoof. RV.
          ii , 31 , 2 ; N. of Sch. on th Das3a-rupaka Cat. [Orig
          %{palni} ; cf. Gk. $ ; Lat. {palma} ;  Angl. Sax.
          &188673[615 ,2] {folm} ; Germ. {fu10hlen} ; Eng.

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