pANi as style/school

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Fri Aug 20 15:42:54 UTC 1999

For the most likely IE etymology, see the entry from the Cologne Sanskrit
lexicon which N. Ganesan was kind enough to append to his message.

Hans Henrich Hock

>  Among the traditional schools of BharatanATyam, pANi
>is used as style/school. Eg., pantaNainallUr pANi where
>Mrinalini Sarabhai got her training.
>Does pANi as a style/school of dance occurs in Natyashastra
>or elsewhere? Is it one of the DasarUpakas?
>Heard that pANi as "hand" does not have IE origins,
>despite long attempts to show that way.
>Could these "pANi" be related to tamil "paN-" (to do)?
>N. Ganesan
>Cologne Sanskrit lexicon
>  Entry   pANi
>  Meaning 2 m. (said to be fr. %{paN}) the hand RV. &c. &c. (often
>          ifc. = holding in the hÒhand e.g. %{asi-p-} , holding a
>          sword in the  sÒsword in hÒhand ; %{pANiM-grah} or
>          %{-Nau-kR} , to take the  hÒhand of a bride , marry ;
>          %{-niMdA} , to give the hÒhand in marriage) ; a hoof. RV.
>          ii , 31 , 2 ; N. of Sch. on th Das3a-rupaka Cat. [Orig
>          %{palni} ; cf. Gk. $ ; Lat. {palma} ;  Angl. Sax.
>          &188673[615 ,2] {folm} ; Germ. {fu10hlen} ; Eng.
>          {feel}.]
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