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Since I was exposed to this author only last week, I was surprised to
find that some one else also thought it relevant to the subject matter
of this list as posted by lightwyo at aol.com from Wyoming , February 17,
1999  at the amazon.com site.
I hope you will consider it worthwhile to respond to this review if you
have read the book yourself.
Very interesting and challenging
If one can wade through the laborious and overally academic writing
style this is interesting territory. However, the concept is
really not that new. The forerunners of civilization in India were well
versed in levels of human consciousness and a 3,000 year
old collection of writings known as the "Upanishads" arose from this.
The myths and stories and references to "Gods" in ancient
thoughts have always been metaphor to explain something not easily
explained by language. I don't know that Jaynes fully
addresses this. And furthermore, even if the bicameral mind explains a
broader consciousness we've forgotten because of a
change in evolution or brain chemistry, or psyhic wounding, so what?
Jaynes does not elaborate on the reason the right brain
once dominated (if this is true), the real message and essence of the
forgotten side of the brain and its broad meaning.


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