rAjalIlAsana in Cambodia?

N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Apr 25 14:06:07 UTC 1999

*rAjalIlAsana is the posture with one leg either freely hanging
* from a couch or in a cross-legged fashion while the other leg
* is raised up forming a "V-shape" and this raised foot is set on the
*couch, Often, the hand is resting on the knee of the lifted leg.

 Pl. replace "V-shape" with "inverted V-shape". The error
 is regretted.

 Dr. Nagaswamy once told me that among the Chola murals
at Tanjore Big Temple, discovered by S. K. Govindasamy in 1930s
and ancient paintings from South India are not many,
there is a Dakshinamurti in rAjalIlAsana posture.
Is it published anywhere?

N. Ganesan

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