rAjalIlAsana in Cambodia?

N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Apr 25 13:51:36 UTC 1999

There are Pallava reliefs in Kanchipuram VaikuNTapperumAL temple
showing royal court scenes with a King sitting in the pose of
royal ease - (mahA)rAjalIlAsana. Also, Pallava Daksinamurtis,
Chola Ayyanar and Avalokitezvaras. I know of r. avalokitas
from Sri Lanka, Indonesia, South China. In Old Campa,
there are royal court scenes with a king sitting in r. pose,
Also, a beautiful 'Siva in rAjalIlAsana there.

rAjalIlAsana is the posture with one leg either freely hanging
 from a couch or in a cross-legged fashion while the other leg
 is raised up forming a V-shape and this raised foot is set on the
couch, Often, the hand is resting on the knee of the lifted leg.

Cambodia had a King Mahendravarman almost at the same time
as Pallava Mahendravarman. Their titles were citrasEna and
citrakArapuli respectively. Jean Boisselier says Khmer
art was highly influenzed from the art of South India.
Hence, my question:
In Cambodia, have any avalokitezvara and/or Shiva sitting in
rAjalIlAsana ever found??

Thanks a million for guidance or sources,
N. Ganesan

Related: I saw a Gupta period Shiva sitting in rAjalIlAsana.
Except this rare exception, almost comparable to rare Skanda
sculptures from Guptan age, I do not know avalokita or siva
sitting in rAjalIlAsana. Are there any r. Shiva or Avalokita
from Bengal, U.P., Bihar, Kashmir, Nepal, Tibet, Central Asia?
  N. Ganesan

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