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Michael Pahlke <pahlke at UNI-HAMBURG.DE> writes:

> by the "Vipassana Research Institute" (Igatpuri), which belongs to the
> vipassana movement of Sri Goenka. This edition reproduces the version
> decided upon at the Sixth Council held 1954 at Rangoon, i.e. the
> so-called "Burmese" or "Chattha-Sangayana" Version.
> Since the edition does regrettably not note alternative readings, I
> would be grateful for informed opinion on the following two points:
> 1) As a general tendency, how to rate the readings of the Burmese
> edition from the perspective of higher textul criticism?

There is an article by Frank Richard Hamm which presents an evaluation
of different editions of the Pali Tripitaka, the original German
version: "Zu einigen neueren Ausgaben des Pali-Tipitaka," in:
ZDMG. 112. 1962, pp. 353-378; the English version ("On some recent
editions of the Pali Tipitaka") was published in: German scholars on
India...ed. by the Cultural Dept. of the Embassy of the Fed.Rep. of
Germany, New Delhi. Varanasi: Chowkhamba Sanskrit Ser. Office, 1973,
pp. 123-135. In the past years Oskar von Hinueber published some
articles on the South-East Asian manuscript transmission of the Pali
canon. So far I know, a comprehensive study is still lacking.

> A last question in this respect, again for someone well acuainted with
> Tripitaka edition published by the "Vipassana Research Institute". :
> On p. [xviii] of the first volume (Dighanikaya, part 1), the editors
> state that their edition has been cross-referenced with that of the PTS.
> I fail, however, to find any reference to the pagination of the PTS
> edition in the running text of the Tripitaka edition published by the
> "Vipassana Research Institute". Is there a "trick" which has eluded me?

I never used the "Vipassana" edition, so I don't know how to use it;
the older Nalanda Devanagari edition by Bhikkhu Jagadish Kashyap et
al. gives full pages references to other editions of the canon.

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