An appeal (was Re: BJP Govt. Falls: My Question Is, So What?)

Sumedh Mungee sumedh at CS.WUSTL.EDU
Mon Apr 19 22:48:08 UTC 1999

Partha Banerjee <partha at CAPITAL.NET> writes:

> Who talked about a conspiracy? Aren't things just the way it should
> be?  Moreover, we should be proud to have a more sensible defence
> policy and not bicker about the ever-increasing poverty,
> skyrocketing prices of living, and nuclear waste, etc.

There he goes again. Predictable, and annoying.

Can the list moderators please consider publishing a policy regarding
such unsolicited off-topic political propoganda on the INDOLOGY list?

INDOLOGY is an amazing list with a very responsible posting history,
and a tradition of keeping a sharp focus on it's objectives. I'd love
to see it stay that way.

And lastly Mr. Banerjee, if you would really like to discuss defense
strategies, politics, economics and poverty with a mature audience,
may I suggest we wait until your sixteenth birthday?  Perhaps your
perspective on such deep topics will have matured and become more
informed by then.


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