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JR Gardner jgardner at BLUE.WEEG.UIOWA.EDU
Fri Sep 18 14:20:43 UTC 1998

The "debate" over the web site in question
(  probably arises from the fact that
the site is served from a site.  With some browsers, Java will
launch ("spawn") additional windows.  Accordingly, some folks would and
others would not get advertisements.

The large image is, to be sure, well over the so-called etiquette of under
40k (it's 188k, and could be cut down in size with PhotoShop or other
tools if need be), but all one has to do is set the browser preferences to
not load images, or simply click on the 'stop' button in the browser bar
before it fully loads.  The site creator could also employ a "low
source" tag so a B&W image loads first--quickly--while the color slowly
loads in teh bkgd (I'd be happy to supply code syntax if the author
wishes).  The rest of the text pages were very image-free
and quick loading. The content was otherwise generally well-organized and

I also think it is important to consider the kinds rhetorical strategies
employed by Dr. Rajaram, the site editor.  Anyone familiar with Edwin
Bryant's excellent dissertation on the whole Indus Valley and Aryan Civ.
debate will know that Rajaram's is one of the more vocal perspectives and
one which--agreeable to scholars or not--warrants some consideration if
one is to understand the complexity and intensity of views on this

Perhaps it is alaso important to be conscious that even in the
technology-concerned world of today, there is much less time and resources
for scholars to invest in internet publication and tech. skills b/c the
demands of one's own academic discipline alone are so consuming.

In terms of netiquette, it is very appropriate to report one's own
problems with access to the purveyor of the site-- a list-wide flame mail
with profanity is not appropriate.



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