History of Marathi Grammar (in Marathi)...Free copies

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Fri Oct 30 07:34:11 UTC 1998

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Oct 30, 1998

Dear Members,
Of the many works I have authored in the area of linguistic study of
Marathi, I wish to gift 25 copies of the History of Marathi Grammar (in
Marathi) to academic/educational institutes and individuals interested in
this study, -- to ensure the survival and knowledge, and facilitate the
study, of this subject and work in places where Marathi is spoken and/or

This work, published in 1992, is the product of a devoted study of more
than 20 years, and covers the history of the subject of about 7 centuries
from its beginnings in 14th century upto a recent work published in 1990.
It reviews 109 small and extensive works on the subject divided in suitable
groups; and discusses in its epilogue the strong and weak points of the
tradition as well as the scientific lines on which it should proceed.

Those interested can contact me on the e-mail address given above.

Best wishes.

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