"The Tale of the Indo-European Horse Sacrifices."

Girish Kumar Beeharry gkb at ICARUS.UOM.AC.MU
Thu Oct 15 06:53:53 UTC 1998

Dominique THILLAUD wrote

>Well, I think no such journal exists, because "incognita" is just the Latin
>word for "ajnAtA".

I do not agree with that. 'jna' has the connotation of birth, flow and
being perennial. This is missing in 'incognita'. May be some word
formed using the root for the french word 'connaissance' would be more
appropriate. I don't know what the vyAkaraNa paNDitas think.

I have a question for the tantra specialist. In many texts, eg the
Kathopanishad one reads about the 'heat' from the Sun, Fire and Moon.
Whilst I can understand that the Moon can be cooling something, I cannot
understand the difference between the 'heat' from the Sun and that from
the Fire. Would someone please help? Many thanks beforehand.

Best wishes,

Girish Kumar Beeharry.

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