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JR Gardner jgardner at BLUE.WEEG.UIOWA.EDU
Tue Oct 13 05:26:23 UTC 1998

For those of you looking for last minute facts about Vedic Literature or
key terminology before heading to Madison--or if you're not headed to
Madison and can spare some surfing time to see some of the new findings in
Vedic studies--you are invited to the results of my study of the Vedic
notion of the self, at:

Whether the terminology is of vital interest--topics such as Speech, the
body, breath, and the mind are also addressed--the summary of the
chronology of Vedic literature, early variations in Yajur Vedic
literature, early sacrificial speculations, or of methodology may be of
interest. Maybe even just the improved interface with convenient buttons
for easy orientation, menus for precise navigation, and multiple windows
may be of interest.

It does not require additional fonts or plugins, just Netscape/Internet
Explorer 3+ (Netscape Gold on a Windows machine works with the
3-dimensional Vedic Altar quite well).

There is a help resource, a highlights link, abstract, bibliography and
notes, all interlinked with the Vedic resources at Vedavid. I welcome your
comments and thank you in advance for your time.  Some files sizes are
large-- the chapters are 150k, so slower modems may not be too enjoyable.
28800 at minimum, and preferably during off hours (like not at lunch time,
Eastern Time, or 3:30-8:30pm).

best wishes,

John Robert Gardner, Ph.D.
Obermann Center         &    The Graduate College
  for Advanced Studies
               The University of Iowa
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