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Dr.S.Kalyanaraman kalyan99 at NETSCAPE.NET
Tue Oct 13 05:01:18 UTC 1998

Dear Sumeedh,
Using Sa_yan.a's commentary and based on Wilson's English translation, an
online version is coming up on http://sarasvati.simplenet.com. So far,
translations and notes on man.d.ala 1, su_ktas 1 to 105 have been posted and
updates are ongoing.
On the index page of the sarasvati web, a number of links are provided to the
html, pdf and ms-word doc versions in romanized and devana_gari scripts. 
There is also a link to the full text of the Rigveda Sam.hita_ posted by the
Aurobindo Institute, with an introductory essay by Prof. R.L.Kashyap and an
index of subjects by man.d.ala, by su_kta and by hymn. Indology members are
requested and welcome to post in their comments and pages on related topics,
as they deem fit, at this Sarasvati web. Hopefully, in due course, these hymns
will be linked to audio files...


owner-indology at LISTSERV.LIV.AC.UK wrote:
> Namaste,

> >         Could anyone point me to a english translation of the Rig Veda

> online ?> 

> Thanks,> > 

> ~sumedh

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