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Madhav Deshpande mmdesh at UMICH.EDU
Wed Nov 25 11:53:48 UTC 1998

Dear Ashok,
	I do have the Jivananda Vidyasagara edition of Nirukta.  The first
part, published in 1891 contains DevarAjayajvan's commentary and Durga's
commentary on the first 6 chapters.  I think that the NighaNTu part was
originally Part I, and I assume that the Nirukta chapters were included as
Part II, though they are bound in one volume.  I think this to be the case
because the remaining chapters of Nirukta (uttaraSaTka) are printed as
part III (printed in 1891).  Interestingly, the title page of Part I does
not say that this is a second edition, but the title page of Part III says
so.  There is no title page available for part II in my copy.  I do not
see any mention of Satyavrat Samasrami in these volumes.  They are not
published in a particular series, but are printed in Calcutta in Sarasvati
printing press.
				Madhav Deshpande

On Wed, 25 Nov 1998, Ashok Aklujkar wrote:

> I need information on the following editions of Yaaska's Nirukta. Whatever
> information I could piece together from the sources available to me has been
> given below. The aspects regarding which I could not get the usual information
> are marked with "xx". 
> I have access to the first edn of  Satyavrata Samasrami's edition published in
> the Bibliotheca Indica series. M. B. Emeneau 1935:37 [= page 37 of his _A
> Union List of Printed Indic ...] lists: "... 2nd ed. Revised by Hitavrata
> Samakantha. 2
> fasc., 296. ... 1911. Bibl. Ind. work 89, nos. 1239, 1317." This is confirmed
> in L. Renou's _Bibliographie Vedique_ p. 92 with "Nouv. ed. '11-'12 rev.
> Hiravrata Somakantha."  [Note the difference in the spelling of the last word
> from Emeneau's]. Do any of the Indology members have access to this edn and
> would they kindly inform me about the spelling of the editor's name as it
> appears on the title pages? I would also like to know if the editor mentions
> the areas in which he has revised Samasrami's edn, if he has used any new mss
> and if he includes all parts of Samasrami's edn, including the concluding
> essay and indices called Niruktaalocana. 
> Two edns by Jivananda/Jibananda Vidyasagara (an important figure in the
> history of propagation of Skt studies) are also mentioned in my sources. They
> are invariably described as a reproduction or copy of Samasrami's edn.
> However, it is not specified if they reproduce Samasrami's (a) annotation, (b)
> edn of Deva-raaja-yajvan's Nigha.n.tu-bhaa.sya, and (c) Niruktalocana. Nor is
> the date of the first edn given. The  exact title, series specification, if
> any, etc. are also the aspects regarding which I would like to be informed. As
> there is no mention of these editions in Emeneau or Renou, it seems that their
> copies probably did not reach North America and Europe at least until the
> 1930's, 
> This is the extent of my information on Jivananda's edns:
> 18xx. Ed. J^v�nanda = J^v�nanda-vidy�s�gara-bha���c�rya. Exact title?xx.
> Publisher:  Calcutta:?xx.  As those referring to the second edn speak of it as
> containing Durga's comm,  I surmise that the first edn also contained Durga's
> comm. 
> 1891.Second edn. Exact title?xx. Calcutta:?xx. Includes Durga's comm. 
> Thanks for your attention to this request. -- ashok aklujkar

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