Info on Nirukta edns needed

Ashok Aklujkar fo8z003 at PUBLIC.UNI-HAMBURG.DE
Wed Nov 25 10:48:07 UTC 1998

I need information on the following editions of Yaaska's Nirukta. Whatever
information I could piece together from the sources available to me has been
given below. The aspects regarding which I could not get the usual information
are marked with "xx". 

I have access to the first edn of  Satyavrata Samasrami's edition published in
the Bibliotheca Indica series. M. B. Emeneau 1935:37 [= page 37 of his _A
Union List of Printed Indic ...] lists: "... 2nd ed. Revised by Hitavrata
Samakantha. 2
fasc., 296. ... 1911. Bibl. Ind. work 89, nos. 1239, 1317." This is confirmed
in L. Renou's _Bibliographie Vedique_ p. 92 with "Nouv. ed. '11-'12 rev.
Hiravrata Somakantha."  [Note the difference in the spelling of the last word
from Emeneau's]. Do any of the Indology members have access to this edn and
would they kindly inform me about the spelling of the editor's name as it
appears on the title pages? I would also like to know if the editor mentions
the areas in which he has revised Samasrami's edn, if he has used any new mss
and if he includes all parts of Samasrami's edn, including the concluding
essay and indices called Niruktaalocana. 

Two edns by Jivananda/Jibananda Vidyasagara (an important figure in the
history of propagation of Skt studies) are also mentioned in my sources. They
are invariably described as a reproduction or copy of Samasrami's edn.
However, it is not specified if they reproduce Samasrami's (a) annotation, (b)
edn of Deva-raaja-yajvan's Nigha.n.tu-bhaa.sya, and (c) Niruktalocana. Nor is
the date of the first edn given. The  exact title, series specification, if
any, etc. are also the aspects regarding which I would like to be informed. As
there is no mention of these editions in Emeneau or Renou, it seems that their
copies probably did not reach North America and Europe at least until the

This is the extent of my information on Jivananda's edns:
18xx. Ed. J^vånanda = J^vånanda-vidyåsågara-bhaÝÝåcårya. Exact title?xx.
Publisher:  Calcutta:?xx.  As those referring to the second edn speak of it as
containing Durga's comm,  I surmise that the first edn also contained Durga's
1891.Second edn. Exact title?xx. Calcutta:?xx. Includes Durga's comm. 

Thanks for your attention to this request. -- ashok aklujkar

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