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>Dear List-Members,
>Two questions:
>1) Where could I find good reproductions of Mirzapur cave drawings[? or are
>they petroglyphs]? What I have at hand now is a reproduction of one of them
>in  D.D. Kosambi's "The Culture and Civilisation of Ancient India" [p. 123
>in the Russian translation].  It seems to depict a warrior standing on the
>chariot and readying himself to hurl his discus [at his enemies?]. It
>curiously shows the chariot as four-wheeled [?].
>Kosambi says the image may be dated at cca 800 BC. Has this date been
>confirmed independently in any way? Are there any older graphic images of
>chariots known from the territory of India?

*Myth and Reality*, another of D.D. Kosambi's books (Bombay: Popular
Prakashan, 1962) advances the same dating claim (page 26), but footnotes it
(#19). Here is the text of the footnote:

"See JRAS 1960; 17-31, 135-144, or chapter IV of this book; for the cave
painting (originally discovered by Carlleyle) Mrs. B. Allchin in Man,
58.1958, article 207 + plate M (pp. 153-5)."

I am at home, and do not have access to these journals here, but hope that
at least one of these references discusses criteria for dating the cave
>2) I would also appreciate information on the petroglyph that can be seen
>in a small cave-shrine in Bhimagada-kund in Hardwar. Has it been
>mentioned/reproduced anywhere?
>Artur Karp

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