Asian Religions and Modern Science

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A colleague, Mike McClymond of Saint Louis University, who has organized a
series of conferences on Science and Religion with Templeton Foundation
funds, has been asked by the Foundation to broaden the scope of these
conference beyond the Judeo-Christian sphere.  He is therefore seeking
suggestions of scholars, books, and articles dealing--in a substantive
way- -with questions the interface between Hinduism and/or Buddhism and
science (see below).  If anyone has any ideas, he and I would very much
appreciate your sending them to: michael at

Thanks, Lance

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Subject:                Asian Religions and Modern Science

As I mentioned on the phone, I am currently doing work with the
John Templeton Foundation and the Center for Theology and the Natural
Sciences in Berkeley, and my task to broaden the science-religion dialogue
to take account of Hinduism and Buddhism.

There is an enormous body of work, both historical and philosophical, on
the connections between Christianity and natural science, but thus far I
have found relatively little on Hinduism and Buddhism in relation to the
natural sciences.  Generally the approach taken by Templeton/ C.T.N.S. is
to start with a strong grounding in empirical science, and then to attempt
a "dialogue" or even an "integration" with religion.

So here's my question: What books and articles attempt this kind of
dialogue or integration of science and religion with Hinduism or Buddhism?
(I already know about Fritjof Capra's _The Tao of Physics_, and a few
older books that present a kind of apologetic for Asian religions through
an appeal to science.)

Your suggestions would be very welcome.

Mike McClymond
Saint Louis University

E-mail: michael at
Phone: 314-977-2871

Lance Nelson
Theology & Religious Studies
University of San Diego
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