Chariots & petroglyphs

Artur Karp hart at POLBOX.COM
Sat Nov 14 13:30:07 UTC 1998

Dear List-Members,

Two questions:

1) Where could I find good reproductions of Mirzapur cave drawings[? or are
they petroglyphs]? What I have at hand now is a reproduction of one of them
in  D.D. Kosambi's "The Culture and Civilisation of Ancient India" [p. 123
in the Russian translation].  It seems to depict a warrior standing on the
chariot and readying himself to hurl his discus [at his enemies?]. It
curiously shows the chariot as four-wheeled [?].

Kosambi says the image may be dated at cca 800 BC. Has this date been
confirmed independently in any way? Are there any older graphic images of
chariots known from the territory of India?

2) I would also appreciate information on the petroglyph that can be seen
in a small cave-shrine in Bhimagada-kund in Hardwar. Has it been
mentioned/reproduced anywhere?


Artur Karp

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