Asian Religions and Modern Science

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I was wondering where Jainism fits into this. I read in a book that
Buddhists ( during the time Buddha was alive) found that Jains loved to

How about the science of logic? Logical thought processes that led to
questioning of beliefs, and the concept of objectivity and illusion or


>Budhdhism had the most exalted frame of logic and Hinduism was the most
>accomodative , in fact Hinduism is not a relgion in the classical terms of
>the meaning, itis pity that it is made out to be so by zealots,
>I wish your conference very well, take care that it does not become a
>platform for revivalism
>the science is the basis for any replicable, testable and generalizable
>every religion has many of such statements just as each has many belifes
>that are beyond science
>but the important point is:  where does morality spring from, and can
>scientific pursuit be carried on without moral context
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