Asian Religions and Modern Science

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Dear Lance and Michael,
        I would not limit the period of building bridges between science and
Hindu world-pattern by the turn of the century only as Robert B. Langdon
does. It went on all the time. Please don't forget such classics in the field
as 1. What is Life? The Phisical Aspect of the Living Cell.
By Erwin Schro(e)dinger. Dublin (?), 1945,
   2. Works by modern "Transpersonal psychologists", such as S.Grof (Realms
of the Human Unconscious. Observations from LSD Research. Viking Press, N.Y.,
1975; Beyond the Brain. N.Y., 1985), Ken Wilber (The Atman Project. Wheaton,
Quest, 1980; No Boundary. Eastern and Western Approaches to Personal Growth.
Boston and London,Shambhala, 1989). To the same trend belonged the late
Russian mathematician V.Nalimov (Faces of Science. Philadelphia, ISI Press,
1981; Realms of the Unconscious: The Enchanted Frontier. Philadelphia, ISI
Press, 1982; Space, Time and Life. The Probabilistic Pathways of Evolution.
Philadelphia, 1985), though his religious orientation was rather Christian,
than Hindu-Buddhist.
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