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S.Kalyanaraman kalyan99 at NETSCAPE.NET
Sat Nov 7 15:30:31 UTC 1998

Mark wrote:[snip]>Very recently two articles in Science News and Science bear>
on some of these discussions.> 1. About 12,000 ya the sea levels were about
300 feet lower.> That means that the Persian/Arab Gulf was probably dry land>
and ditto for the Red Sea. That means that the region comprising> the East
Coast of Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and parts of
> India were one contiguous land mass, at least a contiguous
> coastline. The Tigris and Euphrates probably flowed into the
> Indian Ocean. [snip]

Recently? When, which issues of the journals: Science News and Science?
Was it, in any way, related the continental drift which is dated to millions
of years ago? How was the date ca. 12k years ago arrived at?

Thanks. Kalyan

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