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Charles Poncet carlo at PRAETOR.CH
Wed Nov 4 21:06:29 UTC 1998

Thanks for the info. I will try and let you know.

Avinash Sathaye wrote:

> Charles Poncet wrote:
>>  Works absolutely fine for me perhaps because I have both sans12.ttf
>> font and Xdvng installed.
>> I wish TYPING in Devanagari was that simple because all available
>> software seems to be unable to recognise that some people do not
>> type on American or English language keyboards. I use a French
>> keyboard and sure enough I have to guess where to find the anuswara
>> and the like because all indications in the manual are wrong !! This
>> is very frustrating indeed.
>> If anybody has a bright idea how to solve that problem I will be
>> very grateful
>> Charles Poncet
> Pardon me for repeating the following information.
> But there are two existing solutions around this problem. One is to
> use the ITRANS scheme which uses ordinary transliterations for
> encoding the material. You don't need any fancy keystrokes. The
> Itranslator developed by the folks at the Omkarananda Ashram will open
> two windows, let you type ITRANS notation in one and see the output in
> another. Once created, the devnagari file is fully portable. The site
> for this public domain utility is:
>  Omkarananda Ashram
> If you are more used to word-type processing, then I recommend the
> simple macros by John Richards also available in the same site. They
> don't need ITRANS scheme, but you can type transliterated letters
> followed by a control sequence to create ligatures. Both these
> solutions are for the Windows' world! For unix etc. the ITRANS or
> TeX/LaTeX are still my choices!
> As a sample, let me illustrate how the sample
>> Ay< inj> praeveit g[na l"ucetsam!,
>>   %darcirtana< tu vsuxEkk
>  is encoded in ITRANS. It is simply:
> ayaM nijaH paroveti gaNanA laghuchetasAm |
> udAracharitAnAM tu vasudhaikakuTumbakam ||

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