Typing Devnagari

Avinash Sathaye sohum at MS.UKY.EDU
Sun Nov 1 13:05:29 UTC 1998

Charles Poncet wrote:

>  Works absolutely fine for me perhaps because I have both sans12.ttf
> font and Xdvng installed.
> I wish TYPING in Devanagari was that simple because all available
> software seems to be unable to recognise that some people do not type on
> American or English language keyboards. I use a French keyboard and sure
> enough I have to guess where to find the anuswara and the like because
> all indications in the manual are wrong !! This is very frustrating
> indeed.
> If anybody has a bright idea how to solve that problem I will be very
> grateful
> Charles Poncet

Pardon me for repeating the following information.
But there are two existing solutions around this problem. One is to use
the ITRANS scheme which uses ordinary transliterations for encoding the
material. You don't need any fancy keystrokes. The Itranslator developed
by the folks at the Omkarananda Ashram will open two windows, let you type
ITRANS notation in one and see the output in another. Once created, the
devnagari file is fully portable. The site for this public domain utility
 Omkarananda Ashram
If you are more used to word-type processing, then I recommend the simple
macros by John Richards also available in the same site. They don't need
ITRANS scheme, but you can type transliterated letters followed by a
control sequence to create ligatures. Both these solutions are for the
Windows' world! For unix etc. the ITRANS or TeX/LaTeX are still my

As a sample, let me illustrate how the sample

> Ay< inj> praeveit g[na l"ucetsam!,
>   %darcirtana< tu vsuxEkk
 is encoded in ITRANS. It is simply:
ayaM nijaH paroveti gaNanA laghuchetasAm |
udAracharitAnAM tu vasudhaikakuTumbakam ||

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