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>>As to NWC-Europe, it is true that at approximately the right time (c.
>>3000 BC) an important cultural change took place, whereby the earlier
>>seemingly egalitarian and largely vegetarian society of the Neolithic
>>(LBK, TRB cultures, etc.) was replaced by a more hierarchic,
>>meat-eating, milk-drinking and male-dominated society (Corded Ware
>>around the Baltic c. 3000 BC, Bell Beaker in Central Europe,
>>spreading to France, Britain, Spain and Italy c. 2500 BC).  But there
>>is no sign of migrations or invasions.
>Dear Dr. Vidal,
>Can you please explain this IE characterstic more? What are the basic
>publications on this?

In the context of the IE homeland problem, Mallory "In Search of the
Indo-Europeans", especially pp. 243-257.  Also Renfrew, "Archaeology
and Language", for a completely different view.  About the changes
that took place regarding meat and milk, less tendentiously called
the "Secondary Products Revolution", see A. Sherrat "Plough and
Pastoralism: aspects of the secondary products revolution", in:
Hodder/Isaac/Hammond, "Patterns of the Past", 1981.  About the "Old
European" culture (mainly in the Balkans), Gimbutas' "The Mother
Goddess" (or something like that, can't find the ref.).  Mallory
gives a reference to Barker, "Prehistoric Farming in Europe", 1985,
which might have more details on the northern European LBK/TRB/Corded
Ware cultures, but I haven't seen it.  A good overview of the
relevant period in Europe, with more references, are chps. 5, 6 and 7
of Champion/Gamble/Shennan/Whittle, "Prehistoric Europe", 1984.

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