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Mon Nov 2 13:50:32 UTC 1998

>As to NWC-Europe, it is true that at approximately the right time (c.
>3000 BC) an important cultural change took place, whereby the earlier
>seemingly egalitarian and largely vegetarian society of the Neolithic
>(LBK, TRB cultures, etc.) was replaced by a more hierarchic,
>meat-eating, milk-drinking and male-dominated society (Corded Ware
>around the Baltic c. 3000 BC, Bell Beaker in Central Europe,
>spreading to France, Britain, Spain and Italy c. 2500 BC).  But there
>is no sign of migrations or invasions.

Dear Dr. Vidal,

Can you please explain this IE characterstic more? What are the basic
publications on this?

Read that IVC was more egalitarian and only ancient
civilization to do so; no king's tombs found,
not much of social hierarchy, ...

As far as India, can I take this to be
hierarchic -> varna theory
meat-eating -> beef in vedic; am'sala 'fatty' meat
                ('tender' in Eggeling's translation)
milk drinking -> cow's prominence in the veda
                 (IVC gives importance to oxen, NO cow on seals!)
male-dominace -> Goddess is a minor deity in Vedic.
                 Her importance grows in later Hinduism.
                 (Pinchman, The rise of the Goddessin Hindu tradiion)

Any corrections? additional references?

N. Ganesan

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