Testing devanagari script in e-mail

Charles Poncet carlo at PRAETOR.CH
Sun Nov 1 20:48:46 UTC 1998

Works absolutely fine for me perhaps because I have both sans12.ttf font
and Xdvng installed.
I wish TYPING in Devanagari was that simple because all available
software seems to be unable to recognise that some people do not type on
American or English language keyboards. I use a French keyboard and sure
enough I have to guess where to find the anuswara and the like because
all indications in the manual are wrong !! This is very frustrating
If anybody has a bright idea how to solve that problem I will be very
Charles Poncet


> This is a test message. All the people who have sans12.ttf font
> installed should be able to see the sloka below in devanagari script.
> Ay< inj> praeveit g[na l"ucetsam!,
> %darcirtana< tu vsuxEkk
> This one if you have xdvng.ttf installed
> Ay:ù en:j:H p:r:ðv:ðet: g:N:n:a l:G:Øc:ðt:s:am:Î.
> udarc:ert:an:aù t:Ø vas:ØD:òkkÙXÙmb:km:Î/
>    ----------------------------------------------------------------

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