Testing devanagari script in e-mail

Sun Nov 1 16:16:20 UTC 1998

At 02:00 PM 10/31/98 -0600, you wrote:
>was a message on Indology about how to send devanagari files (even without
>fonts) on INTERNET, did you read that?? I think this an  extremely important
>concept to develop!! Thanks for working on it!!
>Claude Setzer

I think that I missed that or forgotten about it. Please let me know
if you have saved the letter.

Right now you can use Omkar ITRANSlator 1.2 beta to convert
english + sanskrit file to html format and send it. For Sans12.ttf
part of my posting I used the file generated by ITRANSlator. To that
I added the xdvng.ttf part with the help of a "HTMLed" editor.
But you can also use Sri Avinash Chopde's "webitrans.zip" pakage
to produce the .html file. That also can be sent as an attachment
in e-mail with the option "Put text attachments in the body of the
message" and it will be displayed as a normal letter with out any
necessity of clicking the .html file.



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