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<< telugeesha masaNayya (telugeeshvara) >>

<<Could you tell me what was the time of this usage and did this person belong
to Telugu country or Tulu region? Thanks in advance.
S. Palaniappan>>

Kalyana (now known as Basava Kalyana) where BasavaNNa led his socio-religious movement during 12th century AD, is in the Bidar Dist of Karnataka very close to the Telugu speaking region.  "telugeesha masaNayya" is a contemporary of BasavaNNa.  Only seven Vacanas written by him are available now.  You will find his Vacanas in the 7th volume of "Samagra Vacana Samputa"  published by Deptt of Kannada and Culture of Karnataka Government, in the year 1993 (pp332-34)
He must be from Telugu speaking area only.  I have never heard of any person joining the movement of BasavaNNa from the Tulu region.    

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