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To All Mothers Always.
By AppuArchie May 10, 1998

Mother A Wonder Anytime!
(Copyrights � 1998, Ramalingam shanmugalingam)

Mother is one without a second
Repository of seed to create mankind
Preserve, nurture and deliver the baby
Protect and feed the dependent body
Breathed for the embryo, cared and soothed
With the musical rhythm of her heart-beat
Tick tock in the love dome of the womb.

Once out in the open strange sphere
With the howl of a cheer or wail of fear
The U-cord cut, strange noises greet
Newborn and mum are two separate lives
The one helpless the other ever helpful
Feeding and caring clinging and clasping
The bonding continues more spiritually
Less physically but  deep emotionally.

The bundle of joy  grows and grows
Facing life to extent exposed
Attracting attention only by crying
The signal only the mum understands
The U-cord days gave shelter in a cocoon
No such security in this wide open
Until mother�s embrace opens that music.

Hunger, pain all forgotten in part
With mum�s embrace with ear to her heart
The familiar tick tock is music to ear
Even as we have grown now and here
Taste bud senses accentuated by the magic touch
Only mother can add to the original potage
Spouse and chidren try hard to equal
We cannot, but only give that to another
But never get it once mother is no more!

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