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<<In his book, A History of South India", K. A. Nilakanta Sastri says, "The
chAlukya invaders of gangavADi were driven back in disorder and heavily
defeated in a battle at kUDal-zangamam, that is kUDali at the junction of the
tunga and bhadra in the Mysore country. Somezvara's attempt to reverse the
verdict of Koppam thus ended in failure (1061-2).">>

<<I would appreciate information on if kUDali was also ever called kUDala
sangama. Or is Sastri confusing two different places? (The Tamil inscriptions
of 11th century actually use the names "kUTal caGkamam". They do not use the
Sanskrit character "z". Sastri's transliteration of caGkamam as zaGkamam was a
hypercorrect transliteration one will find in works of his times.)
S. Palaniappan>>

As far as I know, kUDali situated at the confluence of the rivers Tunga and Bhadra, is never called kUDala sangama.  Incidentaly, my birth place (Suguru) is on the bank of the river Tunga at this very confluence and I know it for sure.  You have rightly guessed the confusion of the historian K A Nilakantha Sastri.  I have pointed out this wrong identification made by Sastri in my book in Kannada "KaDala-sangamada aLivu uLivu" (The Life and Death of Kudala Sangama) published by our Ashram in the year 1988 (pp. 35-37).  I have also pointed out the confusion of other scholars like F Kittel (Kannada English Dictionary, 1894, p.456), J F Fleet (Bombay Gazetter, vol. 1, 1846, p.480) had with regard to the place, ie., kUDala Sangama.

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