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George Thompson thompson at JLC.NET
Wed May 27 23:06:56 UTC 1998

>> But wouldn't it be a point here that most - if not all - of these migrations
>> started not long before or after writing had been invented?
>But what about the Vedic hymns?  Supposedly these hearken back to
>a time when little Indian influence had affected the language.
Forgive me for the bad pun, but I think that Paul Kekai Manansala is
beating a dead horse here.

First there are literally hundreds of references to migration in the RV
[just look at occurrences of the verb car-, to start with].

Second of all, there was no *India* then, no signs at the borders telling
the Vedic Aryans that they were entering *India*. Even the term
Bharatavarza applied to this time period is anachronistic. So, though they
were on the move all the time, naturally the RV Aryans were not aware of a
mass migration in PKM's sense. Of course not.

Third, read Kuiper's book *Aryans in the Rigveda* which offers mounds of
evidence of various non-Vedic "influences."

Best wishes,

George Thompson

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