Sarasvati (texts & arch.II)

Paul K. Manansala kabalen at MAIL.JPS.NET
Thu May 28 00:01:15 UTC 1998

> But wouldn't it be a point here that most - if not all - of these migrations
> started not long before or after writing had been invented?

But what about the Vedic hymns?  Supposedly these hearken back to
a time when little Indian influence had affected the language.

 Anyway, my point
> was this: Migrations are sometimes remembered, sometimes not. The fact that
> the early Aryans had little or no memory of their migrations into India
> therefore proves very little.

Maybe not in the case of gradual demic diffusion.  However, a mass migration
of whole communities in wagons (and chariots?) from the Volga invading a
foreign land is something to sing about.

Paul Kekai Manansala

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