Verbal Reflexives

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Indeed, that is what I just think to have find out
in several Prakrit stories:
The old Jamadagni went away from his strong tapas
to look for a wife, to get children. He went into
the maidens chamber of a king and
tAhiM daTThUNa nicchUDham
-- traditionally scholars use to make the
conjecture nicchUDham=nicchUDho
and translate: after the (maidens) had seen (the
old and ugly Jamadagni) they pushed him away
I think in opposite to this there is no conjecture
necessary. The text is clear and correct, if we
think about the retrospect argument:
after the maidens had seen him they went away
After I collected a list of all occurences of
similar expressions, it seems that in this Prakrit
sources the retrospect view is always formed as
neuter (ending -am)

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Betreff: Verbal Reflexives

>The so called compound verbs occur in modern
Indo-aryan languages as
>well: in Hindi, for example, a construction of
verbal stem (or simple
>absolutive, as this form is often called) with
the verb "lenaa", "to
>take" suggests that the action expressed by the
stem/simple absolutive
>is done for the use or interest of the doer
himself, is directed towards
>the doer, etc.
>E.g.: likhnaa - to write
>      likh lenaa - to write for one's own use, to
write down.
>Compound verbs where the second member modifies
the meaning (and in
>quite a few cases also the verbal aspect) of the
first, is probably one
>of characteristic features of the Indian
linguistic area.
Jaroslav Strnad
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