Verbal Reflexives

Jaroslav Strnad strnad at SITE.CAS.CZ
Wed May 27 12:45:47 UTC 1998

The so called compound verbs occur in modern Indo-aryan languages as
well: in Hindi, for example, a construction of verbal stem (or simple
absolutive, as this form is often called) with the verb "lenaa", "to
take" suggests that the action expressed by the stem/simple absolutive
is done for the use or interest of the doer himself, is directed towards
the doer, etc.
E.g.: likhnaa - to write
      likh lenaa - to write for one's own use, to write down.
Compound verbs where the second member modifies the meaning (and in
quite a few cases also the verbal aspect) of the first, is probably one
of characteristic features of the Indian linguistic area.

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