Verbal Reflexives

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> E.g.: likhnaa - to write
>       likh lenaa - to write for one's own use, to write down.
> Compound verbs where the second member modifies the meaning . . .

   The "likh laynaa", "daykh laynaa", etc., form is used
especially when advice of this form is being given to
someone: "Try to make sure that you have written it," or
"Do write it."  The instruction almost always refers to
an action in the future.  In contrast, "likhnaa" usually
refers to the present, unless modified as "likhnaa baad mei(n),"
etc.  Of course, "likhnaa" also has noun-like usage, as in "uskoe
likhnaa aataa hai," signifying that "he/she has the ability of

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