Proposed changes to Velthuis Devanagari fonts.

Gerard Huet Gerard.Huet at INRIA.FR
Mon May 18 12:20:04 UTC 1998

Hello. While we are discussing changes to Velthuis Devanagari fonts,
I encountered problems with certain ligatures, whose horizontal space must
be somehow wrongly computed; it concerns kt, kl, ~nc, ~nj, j~n and ky.
Whenever such combination letters appear, TeX justification and alignments
are wrongly computed. This must be due to some mistake in the Metafont tables
describing devnag, and some expertise is needed there in order to fix the
problem. I have not tried the Wilkner variant on this problem, and I
imported the Velthuis package a long time ago, so I am wondering whether
anyone corrected or knows how to correct the bug.
Gerard Huet

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