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In the Western tradition, Socrates gave the similar idea which beacame a
basis of Socartic dialogue.
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>  VC> As for VivekanandA, one statement that I thought is his
>  VC> original (most other
>  VC> stuff is spiritual), reads something like "Education is the
>  VC> manifestation of
>  VC> the knowledge that is already in the mind etc".  This
>  VC> implies that people
>  VC> already know, but the knowledge is just uncovered by the
>  VC> process of education.
>  VC> Any one knows this idea is expressed by any thinker before
>  VC> him?
> This is basically the Jaina view of knowledge: the soul, which _is_ knowledge (in a certain sense; we should of course always be careful when translating such terms) is clouded / covered by karma, and as the soul is purified (i.e., karma is removed) the innate pure knowledge (which is omniscience) manifests itself increasingly.
> (This is just one ancient view with which I am familiar. Are there any comparable views, of comparable antiquity?)
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