Origins of fire (was: Origins of the Caste) in Ancient India

Georg von Simson g.v.simson at EAST.UIO.NO
Wed Mar 25 14:07:41 UTC 1998

Rolf Heiner Koch wrote:
> I would be interested for the reference to the
> source where the origin of fire is described to
> related with forest fire. I am reading in a Jain
> text about the origin of culture  this has to be
> realted with Rishabha, of course. But Rishabha
> appeared a f t e r  the fire was established,
> after it fell on the earth from trees which stood
> to close together.
> I would suggest the fire was established just by
> two pieces of wood like we know this from several
> aborigines. But the texts do not say this. Any
> suggestion?

The locus classicus for the origin of the sacrificial(!) fire is the story
of PurUravas and UrvazI, ZatapathabrAhmaNa 11.5.1. Here the fire (belonging
to the Gandharvas) originates indeed from two pieces of wood (araNI),
either from a piece of azvattha wood and a piece of zamI wood or from two
pieces of azvattha wood (

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Georg v. Simson

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