Perso-Aryan Hypothesis

Viktor V. Sukliyan madhava at CH1.VSNL.NET.IN
Tue Mar 17 19:36:12 UTC 1998

Perso-Aryan Hypothesis

Reverend Indology Guild!

Please take a grave view of the matter below.

I would like to announce framing of a new hypothesis which is destined to
challenge to a duel an existing hypertrophied controversy called into
being by Indo-Aryan Invasion theory.

Firstly, Indus seals morphosyntax is largely distinct from those of
Brahmi & Nagari. Failure of clear lexicographic decipherment caused by
wrongly approach given to derivation from Proto-Indo-Aryan or/and
Proto-Dravidian Languages .The Pan Idea of Monogenesis from Proto-Indian
sources gives false premisses. Retroflexive phonology substantiate this
point further.

People preoccupied with logically fallacious monogenetic ideas concoct
new self-evident paradigms.Let them... It is very 'fair' to relate
everything to nothing. Neti, neti, neti.

Why not to conclude that as soon as there were no evidences of Aryan
Invasion, there was Proto-Perso-Aryan Indus Valley Civilisation. Let us
search for protoforms' origin of Indus Script from the side of historical
phonology of Proto-Persian, but not Indian/Dravidian.

Archeologically speaking, attribution of Indus Civilisation to the
Pre-Avestian times seems to be very reasonable. Popular idea of
similarities between Avestian and Proto-Indian languages as a support for
their monogenesis not so evident in the comparison of Proto-Persian. For
example, stability of noun-verbal inflexion in Avestian is not
necessarily existent in Ancient Persian. Therefore let us contemplate
historical retrospective of Indus Civilisation as the marginal southern
modification of an Ancient Persian Civilisation which was intensively
influenced (e.g. retroflexion) and later on inherited refined morphology
from the neighbouring Ancient Indian Civilisation. Subcontinent was
always reputed as a cultural molten pot, which preserved differences and
helped them to co-exist.

Conclusions :
1)  Indus Civilisation is of  an Early Persian Origin;
2)  Indus Script is a southern branch of an Ancient Persian;
3)  Historical co-existence had drawn nearer later Persian and Indian
4)  There was no exhausting IA invasion at all, but successive mutual

Working Perso-Aryan hypothesis brought to your attention by

Viktor Sukliyan.

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