Scholarship ???

Sn. Subrahmanya sns at IX.NETCOM.COM
Tue Mar 17 17:24:36 UTC 1998

Since there seems to be so much talk of scholarship or lack of it - 
there is a interesting new book "The Footnote - A Curious History" by 
Anthony Grafton. The book is illuminating and humorous.

The Footnote - A Curious History" by Anthony Grafton
Published by Harvard Univ Press       ISBN: 0674902157

The Footnote is described as -.... "The weapon of pedants, the scourge of
undergraduates, the bête noire of the “new” liberated scholar: the lowly
footnote emerges in this book as a singular resource with a surprising
history that says volumes about the evolution of modern scholarship."

The footnote has indeed played an important part in Indological scholarship
as well for eg: anaasa 

Houston, TX

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